All We Could Have Been

All We Could Have Been

by Te Carter (Author), Frankie Corzo (Narrateur)

"In this moving audiobook, exceptionally narrated by Frankie Corzo, Lexie can't stop running... The listener can hear the fear, despair, disappointment, and hope that have marked Lexie's life" — AudioFile Magazine

From TE Carter, All We Could Have Been is a powerful and heartbreaking look at the assumptions we make about people and how one person’s actions can affect everyone around them.

Five years ago, Lexie witnessed something that shattered her very core. To cope, she moves from town to town, desperate to hide the darkest of family secrets. In every location, she assumes a new name and flies under the radar as long as she can before anyone figures out who she is—who she’s related to.

Lexie now lives with her aunt, has minimal interaction with her parents, and has no communication with her brother. But the pain is always there.

After starting her newest school, all she wants is to just live life. But how can she when the past keeps threatening to drag her back?

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Publication date
April 23, 2019