The Abbot's Ghost

First published in 1867, "The Abbot's Ghost" (or, "Maurice Treherne's Temptation"), written by Louisa May Alcott under her pseudonym A. M. Barnard, is a charming Christmas tale with noticeably gothic elements that deals with the themes of love and defending one's honour. 

Maurice Treherne becomes crippled as a result of saving his cousin’s life during a misadventure involving on the water. Despite being grateful for this fateful deed, his cousin Jasper isn’t very good at showing his appreciation. When Treherne realises he is in love with his other cousin Octavia, although he is disinherited and poor, he tries to win the hand of his love. Her mother attempts to keep them apart until a ghostly intervention paves the way for their happiness...

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November 02, 2020
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