The Unicorn Came to Dinner

The Unicorn Came to Dinner

by Lauren DeStefano (Author), Gaia Cornwall (Illustrator)
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A sweet and charming picture book about fear, anxiety, and unicorns.

The unicorn smells nice, but she is very rude. She never waits for an invitation to come over?she walks right in and tracks heart-shaped hoof-prints across the carpet. She sits in Elizabeth?s chair and makes a complete mess of the house. She even sleeps in Elizabeth?s bed.

But the unicorn is no ordinary unicorn . . .

In The Unicorn Came to Dinner, author Lauren DeStefano and illustrator Gaia Cornwall invite parents and their kids to talk about feelings?especially worries and anxiety?and ultimately about how to be yourself.

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Publication date
August 10, 2020
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