love is blind

love is blind

by kelechi ogbonna (Author)
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 love is blind

We have all heard it. Almost everyone has experienced it. It makes normal hormones "in love". It was an incredible feeling and I knew it was not loving. Either way, he's blind. Whenever I speak to a client and they say the words "But I like it ..." I know there is something else underneath. He said, "Yes - this man is treating me or treating someone like dirt, he's a donkey, but I love him." There is nothing wrong with that, but this condition can eventually do all the other things that are not important.

When love is blind, it becomes darker and woolly, "like" when the stain on the glass lights up. The same sounds can often be heard in loud and lively love sounds when we listen. When a customer starts negatively with "but I like it", I'm always asking the question like "."

Do you like

What does he like about what he does?

How are you treated?

Can you change it?

If we can get out of this romantic relationship and enter so clearly, we will have a true understanding of "lovers". Like I'm not lying. It does not work. These are personal preferences or self-help. If the answer is "No - I don't like it", your affection is probably just that feeling, not a spiritual state. It is a hormonal hormone that can make you run in your favourite cases, just like LSD or the fungus.

So if you've ever said the phrase "but I like it", especially if these words have crossed your lips lately, look at yourself. Ask yourself something important as a question, and if you don't find it interesting, don't hesitate. Remember, it is not your fault that you have stopped thinking about this chemical journey. Then go by car.

Kelechi Ogbonna

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June 09, 2020
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