by Sophia M. Phildius (Author)
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Alma can't go out out alone and can't see her friends. That's all because of this stupid coronavirus. She's terribly bored at home. 
She is terribly bored at home. But then she tries to sneak out with her inline skates. There she is stopped by the Stay-Home-Monster. 
Now she not only has to get rid of herboredom, but also the monster on her leg ...

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Throughout the story, Alma not only recognizes why, it is important to stay at home during the spread of the coronavirus. She also learn to have a lot of fun inside of her home. In addition, info boxes provide age-appropriate information about the virus and how we can protect ourselves from an infection.

Author & Illustrator: Sophia M. Phildius
Co-Author: Claudia M. Müller
Editor German: Alexandra Fauth-Nothdurft
Translation English: Dario Broich & Steve Thomas
ebook production: Manfred Liersam

Age recommendation: 4 years and up

Already in use and recommended by specialists such as educators, teachers, therapists.

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Publication date
June 01, 2020
File size
8.88 MB

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