My Love at First (site) Sight

My Love at First (site) Sight

by Craig Wright (Author)
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This book contains a well of treasure for different love stories, true and beautiful.

The stories are fictional non-fictions (if that is a thing); the events are works of fiction, but the lessons are gotten from some people’s reality. 

They are either written in first or third-person pronoun for no specific reason.

The conversations and stories are all made up, but the general idea and base of it are all reality of these couples’ life; and from time to time, some specific words in between the lines are also real –including the pet/special names.

The stories are not as elaborate as the reality; the purpose of this book is not for the elaboration, but to make you see love in its graceful light, so that if you are waiting, you’ll wait knowing with full conviction that the best in a human form can, and would come to you; and that if have you are/have found, this book is for you as well, to make you read the beauty in the stories of others, knowing that you are go all through the same phase, and we hope it gives you the strength and wisdom to conquer the hurdles and appreciate your union even more.

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Publication date
May 28, 2020
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