La balena è felice, vola acqua

La balena è felice, vola acqua

by Simone Cassese (Author)
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Questo albo illustrato è un opera eccezionale. L’autore, che appartiene allo spettro autistico basso funzionamento, ci restituisce attraverso il suo primitivismo che gli permette, attraverso poche linee, di esprimere un mondo denso di significati a cui non sempre ci è permesso avere accesso. Esso è però mezzo di comunicazione d’elezione dell’artista, che sopperisce così ai consueti canali d’espressione, per lui più ostici. “L’arte è un elemento insostituibile per poter integrare il mondo dei disabili con quello dei cosiddetti “normodotati”; afferma Monica Nicoletti.

Synopsis in English:

The graphite and coloured pencil drawings, as well as the watercolours by Simone appear to be simple and complex at the same time.  A faint promise makes its way among his titles, such as Woman with coloured eyes, Red Poppy and Cat and Mouse, showing with a child’s caress a system of simple forms and colours; however, as soon as our eyes indulge in the bright and primary colours, fainting here and there, something appears to surprise us. Bambi’s image, despite the mocking title, can be better appreciated lifting the barrier of what is expected. Now it is clear that it has very little in common with the icon of Bambi in children’s imagination. Therefore, at a second glance it reveals a mighty image that catches the eye, leaving us flabbergasted.

Now it is clear that the title announces exactly what we will see, leaving us disoriented, when the second glance will reveal the complex solution of simple pieces. In Boy in a blue bathing suit we do not expect such a construction of the image, where our eyes are caught  with great firmness and questions are posed. Red Girl, Coloured Man and Finger up are images that consult us, asking difficult questions. 

In the images depicting animals, such as Two Foxes, The Frog, The Happy Whale, it is maybe even more clear the surprise effect, the existence of an invisible plot that keeps pieces together; we are no longer required to answer questions, they are autonomous images fully depicting relations in the animal world where man is always cut off, since, quoting Carlos Castaneda “despite the efforts to find it, nobody will ever discover the plot that keeps together all this complexity”. Like the one of the deer discovering the beauty and cruelty of the world, this is the story of the man looking for simplicity everywhere; however, looking around him he discovers complexity. Simone is able to turn into images the complex system of the world

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April 23, 2020
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