Climate Change

Climate Change

de R. R. Kelkar (Auteur)
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Climate change has been described as the biggest challenge that the world will have to face in the twenty first century and developing countries like India will have to bear its impacts. Climate change is a complex issue that has scientific, political, economic, and social aspects. This book offers a holistic view of climatic change with a special reference to India and covers a wide range of topics including: • Evidence of climate change • Climate monitoring • Climate modelling and prediction • Impacts on glaciers, sea level and tropical cyclones • Impacts on monsoon, agriculture and human health • Politics and economics of climate change • Preparing for the future The book can serve as a textbook for university courses in atmospheric and environmental sciences, and as a source of reference for scientists and research workers and a storehouse of authentic information for all others interested in climate change

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26 mars 2020
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