Diamonds in Your Backyard

Diamonds in Your Backyard

by Gundega Roze (Author)
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Fears for the future, guilt about all those unfinished tasks, constantly on the go trying to get everything done and, above all else, a sense of dissatisfaction with yourself – welcome to the reality of twenty-first-century women! Yes, we are all drawn onto the treadmill of daily life and have no idea how to get off and just allow ourselves to be. To slow down. To enjoy ourselves. To have fun. To celebrate. To find the time to arrange flowers leisurely in a vase and so come to realize that what we see around us is, in fact, the most beautiful thing we possess.

“Working on women’s magazines has led me to acquire some unique knowledgenot merely practical in nature but also highly inspirational. In my book, I have set out to share the essence of this knowledge gained over years of working with professionals in a range of fields - stylists, dieticians, fitness trainers, therapists, and so on,” the book’s author and long-time editor in chief of COSMOPOLITAN and SHAPE magazines, Gundega Roze reveals.

“Diamonds in Your Backyard” provides inspiration for the enhancement of women’s self-confidence, the celebration of life and self-improvement.

First published in Latvia in the original language as "Dimanti tavā pagalmā", the book soared to the top of the bestsellers’ list in just a few weeks to reach the number one spot. It has exceeded annual sales figures of other bestselling Latvian books. Over 8000 copies sold.

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February 18, 2020
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