An Introduction to Ocean Dynamics

An Introduction to Ocean Dynamics

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The book is written to meets the needs of post graduate students who opt special subjects of ocean and atmospheric sciences and oceanography, ocean engineering. These students have different back grieved, require self study like physical and basic dynamic ocean back ground and this aspect fully meets – First seven chapters are dealt with physical oceanography and the remainder deals with dynamics of ocean

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The oceans composition, ocean currents, distribution temperature, salinity, density, ocean mixed layer and termocline. Ocean stability, heat budget, friction and turbulence is dealt. After this dynamics of ocean given, which covers fluid statics, fluid dynamics equations of continuity and motion. Wind drives ocean circulation, geotropic motion and vorticty in ocean given. Dealing firefly about geophysical aspect of hydrodynamics, the deep ocean circulation described. Describing the source of energy, the sun, the input of ocean on earths climate, ocean waves, tides tsunamis and finally elements of ocean modeling presented.

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November 05, 2019
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