Satellite Meteorology,

Satellite Meteorology,

di R. R. Kelkar (Autore)
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Ever since the launch of the world's first weather satellite in 1960, satellite meteorology has had a phenomenal growth. What is all the more significant is that India has kept pace with the United States, Europe and Japan in this field. After the first edition of this book was published in 2006, satellite meteorology has made greater strides, particularly in India. This second edition of 2016 covers them all, making it the most up-to-date book on the subject. It can serve both as a university text book and as a guide for operational meteorologists. It has a wealth of technical information that can be a source of reference for scientists and research workers in atmospheric and environmental sciences, oceanography and remote sensing.

The book deals with

  • Satellite image interpretation techniques

  • Estimation of atmospheric, oceanic and land parameters from satellite data

  • Measurement of parameters by active remote sensing

  • Tropical weather systems and monsoons

  • Use of satellite data for climate change applications

  • India's INSAT and Kalpana satellite missions

  • Future possibilities in satellite meteorology

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05 novembre 2019
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