The Gods of Olympus

The Gods of Olympus

by Maria Papachristos (Author)
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A complete work, unique in its kind, in which the myths and legends of ancient Greece are examined and illustrated with precision and accuracy. An accurate analysis that starts from the primordial Deities passing through the Titans, the Giants, the Cyclops, the Gods of Olympus and the gods of the Underworld, to arrive, through the Semidèis, the Muses, the Nymphs and all the other mythological figures, up to the most known, and not, legends of ancient Greece.

In this first volume we talk about:

Greek mythology

The myth of creation

The primordial deities

The Titans

The Ecatonchirs

The Cyclops

The Giants

The Gods of Olympus:

  • Aphrodite - Venus

  • Apollo

  • Ares - Mars

  • Artemide - Diana

  • Athena - Minerva

  • Demeter - Ceres

  • Hephaestus - Vulcan

  • Era - Juno

  • Hermes - Mercury

  • Estia - Vesta

  • Dionysus - Bacchus

  • Poseidon - Neptune

  • Zeus - Jupiter

Gods of the Underworld


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February 21, 2019
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