The Mortimer J. Adler Collection

The Mortimer J. Adler Collection

by Mortimer J. Adler (Author)
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Mortimer Jerome Adler was an American educator, philosopher, and popular author. As a philosopher he worked with Aristotelian and Thomistic thought.

"Unlike many of my contemporaries, I never write books for my fellow professors to read. I have no interest in the academic audience at all. I'm interested in Joe Doakes. A general audience can read any book I write—and they do."

The Mortimer J. Adler Collection features: 

Liberalism and Liberal Education (1939)

Two Essays on Docility (1940)

This Prewar Generation (1940)

Invitation to the Pain of Learning (1941)

What Is Basic about English? (1941)

The Chicago School (1941)

Liberal Education—Theory and Practice (1945)

Labor, Leisure, and Liberal Education (1951)

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December 13, 2018
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