PICCANINNIES - The flora of New Zealand explained for Children

PICCANINNIES - The flora of New Zealand explained for Children

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Simply reading a list of plant names from a book and trying to memorise them is boring to children. But, if that learning is made fun, children are more likely to retain what they have learned. Herein are 6 of the most important plants in New Zealand which are explained to them by the Piccaninnies, the wee bush folk who live in New Zealand’s forests and how they interact with the flora around them. So,

If your heart is pure, and your eyes are clear,

And you come the one right day of the year,

And eat of the fruit of the Magic Tree

The wee Bush Folk you will surely see.

In this book children will learn about flowers and trees which are native to New Zealand. Children will learn both the Western name and the Maori name for the plants. The plants they will be taught about are:

The New Zealand Christmas Tree,


The Cabbage palm

The Tea tree,

The Kowhai blossom,

The Hoheria blossom, and;

The Great Red Enemy

So, we invite you to download and read this fun and happy book about the small folk of the New Zealand forests and the plants and flowers the live with and use every day.

10% of the profit from the sale of this book will be donated to charities.


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November 21, 2018
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