Two Minutes of Torah

by Ephraim Sobol (Author)
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Ashrei Mi SheBa LChan VTalmudo BYado

(Fortunate is he who comes here, and his learning is in his hand.)

Though he has no formal rabbinical training, Ephraim Sobol began teaching a weekly parsha class in his community. In two years time, the class grew as his students shared their excitement. He began writing Two Minutes of Torah a weekly Dvar Torah e-mail based on his class. These emails took on lives of their own, and soon they were a much-sought-after read. Appealing to audiences with a broad spectrum of knowledge, Two Minutes of Torah offers original and concise insights into the parsha. To help students connect with the lessons, he has woven many of his real-world experiences into his essays.

Using a folksy and inviting manner, Sobol provides a fresh, deep insights into an ancient text.

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April 04, 2013
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