by Charlie Pedersen (Author)
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There is a lot of talk in the United States today about energy independence, specifically the desire for America to get out of the Middle East and to stop relying on its oil. But it takes courage. In NOISE, author Charlie Pedersen takes the challenge and assembles both a worldview and an action plan.

Unveiling the forces that have secured the United States to the status quo, he shows there is an opportunity to change the world and shake off the economic chains of oil dependency, all while moving Water and Energy towards the goal of cost reduction and the elimination of drought and famine in the 21st century. NOISE discusses the current US strategy, which seems to make oil dependency so painful that anything will be done to get more oil, even war. It looks at current energy innovation and alternatives and recognizes that the United States can exploit bene?ts and invest in delivery and solutions for the water and energy crises, not by super innovation but by changing the mix and application of fuels and the efficiency of energy, particularly in transportation.

Through a fictionalized narrative, NOISE takes over the Presidents persona and travels on a world quest through Mexico, Canada. China, Russia, the Middle East, Australia, and more to show you the expanding opportunities where clean supply is/will exceed demand. The formula for change. This will transform the 21st Century for the USA and the world, and shows its within our grasp, and without war.

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June 24, 2014
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