Import Your Ideas

by Ted Pouliot (Author)
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Divided into three parts, Import Your Ideas first shares the fictional success story of two young importers. This unique narrative illustrates the techniques of importing. In the second section, Pouliot provides a how-to guide for establishing oneself as an importerdelving into every aspect of the business, including financing, negotiating, networking, packing, sourcing, contracting, and communicating. The third part discusses many of Pouliots personal and unusual experiences working as an importer for almost fifty years, spanning the globe in such countries as Hong Kong, China, Costa Rica, Haiti, Tonga, Turkey, and Taiwan.

Import Your Ideas provides a working guide that details the tricks of the trade for importers to understand this business that has the potential to provide many exciting worldwide opportunities and experiences.

Ted Pouliot, an international entrepreneur, businessman, and consultant for a half-century, shares his invaluable experience about what readers need to know and understand about importing from Asia and elsewhere.
Neal St. Anthony, business columnist,
Minneapolis Star Tribune

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May 08, 2013
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