Summary & Study Guide - Rise of the Necrofauna

The Truth About De-Extinction

This book is a summary of “Rise of the Necrofauna: The Science, Ethics, and Risks of De-Extinction,“ by Britt Wray.

Necrofauna is a term used by futurist Alex Steffen to refer to species that are extinct but have been recreated by the process of de-extinction.

In Rise of the Necrofauna, Britt Wray introduces us to renowned scientists who try to revive extinct species like woolly mammoths and passenger pigeons. She explains why de-extinction is important to our ecosystem but reminds us it could bring as many dangers as it does opportunities. By raising the many cultural, ethical, environmental, legal, social, and philosophical issues raised by this new science, Wray offers an enthralling look at the best and worst of de-extinction.

Read this book to discover the truth about de-extinction and how it might shape a better future for life.

This guide includes:

* Book Summary—helps you understand the key concepts.

* Online Videos—cover the concepts in more depth.

Value-added from this guide:

* Save time

* Understand key concepts

* Expand your knowledge

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February 09, 2018
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