Economic Development of Emerging East Asia

by Frank S.T. Hsiao (Author), Mei-Chu Wang Hsiao (Author)

This unique book provides comparative economic studies of Taiwan and Korea, and compares them mostly with Japan and the United States and finds that, in terms of the real GDP per capita in PPP, these emerging East Asian countries are still emerging in the world economy. This book contributes to quantitative and econometric analysis of the regional economies of emerging East Asia. Topics include development indicators, effects of 1997 Asian financial crisis, productivity growth, real GDP per capita growth, the time required for a country to catch up, and colonialism and economic development (in Taiwan and India). [NP] A timely collection, the various topics in this book provide a comprehensive understanding of emerging East Asian economies and economic analyses explaining, among other subjects, the basic concept of total factor productivity. In addition to serving as references for regional economists and policy analysists, this book can also be used as a textbook in economics and business and for researchers in general.

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September 27, 2017
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