Biofilms in Plant and Soil Health

by Iqbal Ahmad (Editor), Fohad Mabood Husain (Editor)
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Biofilms are predominant mode of life for microbes under natural conditions. The three-dimensional structure of the biofilm provides enhanced protection from physical, chemical and biological stress conditions to associated microbial communities. These complex and highly structured microbial communities play a vital role in maintaining the health of plants, soils and waters.  Biofilm associated with plants may be pathogenic or beneficial based on the nature of their interactions. Pathogenic or undesirable biofilm requires control in many situations, including soil, plants, food and water.

Written by leading experts from around the world, Biofilms in Plant and Soil Health provides an up-to-date review on various aspects of microbial biofilms, and suggests future and emerging trends in biofilms in plant and soil health.
Issues are addressed in four sub areas: 
I) The fundamentals and significance of biofilm in plant and soil health, and the concept of mono and  mixed biofilms by PGPR and fungal  biofilms. 
II) Biochemical and molecular mechanisms in biofilm studies in plant associated bacteria, and techniques in studying biofilms and their characterization, gene expression and enhanced antimicrobial resistance in biofilms, as well as biotic and biotic factors affecting biofilm in vitro. 
III) The ecological significance of soil associated biofilms and stress management and bioremediation of contaminated soils and degraded ecosystems. 
IV) Pathogenic biofilm associated with plant and food and its control measures.

This book is recommended for students and researchers working in agricultural and environmental microbiology, biotechnology, soil sciences, soil and plant health and plant protection. Researchers working in the area of quorum sensing, biofilm applications, and understanding microbiome of soil and plants will also find it useful.


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July 23, 2017
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